When Publishing Audio and Video for 30 Days Start With Day One 


Day one of Vlomo (International Video Blogging Month) and AudioMo (same thing but for audio.) It feels like it’s going to be doable, and very enjoyable, so I’m looking forward to it!

So how does one go about recording a video and a piece of audio and publish it for 30 days?

I think for some that are a little unsure about working with media (video and audio) publishing every day for thirty days might seem totally un-doable.

I mean, how hard is it to get a YouTube video out? or record some sort of audio as your opt-it bonus?

I get you, especially if you’re only used to working with text, and you see video and audio as tools for marketing your business.

Let go of any expectations and limitations

Audio and video for me are play time.

Yes, they can be strategically used. Yes, they are POWERFUL mediums to reach out to your audience, establish your brand and even expand your reach drastically. I know because I do guide people into doing just that more efficiently and effectively!


if you don’t mess around and play, that other stuff is just going to feel like you are putting on some clothes that don’t quite fit you ;)

Simple. Snippets. Perfect in their imperfection.

I’ll share with you the video and audio snippets that I published today for #vlomo12 and #audiomo.

I recorded my audio piece while walking to meet my girls after my brief stint at the office, and I recorded and fully edited the video while I was playing with my girls at the Toy Lending Library.

It was all done on the go, with my iPhone and a few apps (Vimeo, BossJock, Soundcloud)

I’m still getting my workflow down. I’ll share more about that in a future post, but essentially all of it can be done in less than 10 minutes. What takes the longest is uploading and publishing the video.

They are simple moments, not particularly life changing.

They are moments in the flow of the day.

The recording of them helps to enhance them, and in doing so they become more than they are. We all have simple moments in our day. You wouldn’t believe how extraordinary they become when you highlight them :)

The magic of the simple is that as it’s seen by others, it becomes magical. Those watching and listening reflect back to you the amazingness that is your life, so you grow and appreciate plus it inspires them to see it in their life as well. 

Capturing humanity is pretty breathtaking.

Let me know what you think!

What do you think of the simple snippets? 

You know, you should do a bit of playing yourself...

Day 1: Hunter makes jewelry #vlomo12 from Elsie Escobar on Vimeo.



Audio and Video Tools for Participating in Vlomo12 and AudioMo


I will be participating in VloMo (National Video Blogging Month) and AudioMo, (publishing audio content daily) for the month of November.

My track record is not good AT ALL, when it comes to participating in things like this, but somehow I've managed to be a part of VloMo consistently since 2008 and every year it's getting easier to do.

I wanted to share how I do it so that it works for you, particularly if you are juggling a ton of other things :)

Clarify Your Participation

I participate in VloMo because:

  • I love the challenge
  • I enjoy shooting video, although I seldom do it.
  • I adore recording the magic of the everyday, especially with my girls.
  • I delight in the process of working with media.
  • I find discovering new ways of creating content incredibly fulfilling.

I don't use VloMo for any business strategy. I don't think of calls to action, of driving people to my web properties, or trying to land a client.

I do it for the fun of it, to play with my girls and my world around me. It ignites creativity and a genuine love for sharing with the world.

Playing in this fashion inevitably sparks creativity within my business. I always end up with new workflows, or new ideas for doing things.

Allow The Creation To Be Part of Your Life

The tools that I use for this whole thing are all those that are accessible to me at any time, anywhere. This is a necessity as my life with two girls four and under does not align well with any kind of scheduling or structure.

My tools have to be mobile, simple and fast, plus they must also fit well with my existing workflow.

Just enough, so much

When it comes to the length of the media that I create, I keep it short. I've welcomed the boundary set by iOS of only being able to email videos that are less than a minute long (around 54 seconds actually.) That forces me to be precise as well as offers me the opportunity to discard videos easily and record something else.

It also makes it easier for people to consume the content. Most folks have a minute to give you :)

Easy Tools to Use for Publishing Quick Videos

These are the tools that I use that fit that criteria:


My iPhone is the tool without which consistent posting would not be possible. The primary camera for VloMo is my iPhone camera. My iPhone is always with me, so I'm always ready to use it.

The Vimeo App for iOS + Vimeo

Although at times I yearn for more choices in terms of editing titles and adding pretty themes, the Vimeo App does everything that I want to do pretty simply.

Parts of the UI are not quite as intuitive as I would like, and I find myself frustrated with the app when I want to get creative with cuts and adding titles, but at the same time, it forces me to keep thing simple.

The app allows me the ability to personalize my videos, as well as add MUSIC! They have a great list of music available to use right from within the app.

Of course from within the app you can instantly upload to the Vimeo service, which I love and choose over YouTube for these beautiful little snippets of life.

I love the Vimeo vibe and the community. It makes me happy.

From Vimeo or the Vimeo App I share my videos straight to Twitter and can choose to share to Facebook.

The app is FREE!

The iMovie app

There are times when I want to do a little bit more with my videos. I use iMovie for iOS. I only use this app if I really want to add a specific theme to my video.


I love Posterous. I'm not sure how I ended up choosing to commit myself so fully to my Posterous blog. For some reason the ability to do things from within email really resonated with me.

I think I ended up choosing it because posting to Posterous was already so much part of my workflow, particularly my mobile email workflow. It just fits right in.

Attach media or write text and email. Bam. It's posted.

I either attach my newly edited video to an email and send to Posterous (what I prefer) or if the video is longer than 54 seconds, upload the video to Vimeo and create a web post with the embed from Vimeo, which is a little more time consuming.

The other insanely lovely thing about Posterous is that it's all there on that website. It's my virtual album or scrapbook.

In the past, I've not been too good at tagging my posts, but I've recently made sure to learn how to tag my posts when I post via email and have created an iOS shortcut to help me doing it efficiently.

Easy Tools to Use for Publishing Quick Audio

Here are some services that you can use to publish audio really fast:

I have not quite decided which one I'm going to be using.

Ultimately I want something that can push the audio straight onto my Posterous Blog.

I know that I can also skip any other app or service and use only the Audio Memo app from my iPhone and email it straight onto my Posterous page. Done. Frictionless.

So there you go!

I'm always looking to streamline my workflow, so if you have any good tips PLEASE leave them in the comments. I love to experiment.

Also, if you have any ideas for other video editing apps that I should play them, let me know! I'd love to try them out :)


It's Almost VloMo International Video Blogging Month 2012!

The Most Wonderful Time of Content Creation!

For a while now, the month of November has been a month where those of us creative folks choose to participate in month-long media projects. 

Some of these projects are highly organized, such as NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and others seem to be picking up steam, such as AudioMo (recording and publishing an audio file a day.)

My favorite is VloMo. I've been taking part of VloMo, International Video Blogging Month since 2008! 

It has now become one of my favorite months. 

There is a wonderful social component to it, but since my online time is very limited I don't really get to take part in it too much.

I participate in it mostly for myself and for my family...and for it's own sake.

For the love of it. 

I love looking back at those old videos. They bring back so many memories!

The first year that I 'participated' I was a new Mama. Hunter was one month old, and due to that and my lack of proper tools  (my iPhone primarily,) I wasn't able to sustain 30 days of posting videos. 

I'm proud to say that for the past three Novembers I've posted a video a day every year, except for one week in 2009. 

This year, I will be doing it again, plus doing my best to do AudioMo as well. 

Since there really is no strategy to publishing content, it makes it more fun.

It's more about recording the magic of the everyday, without any agenda behind the posts. 

If you want to follow my journey, I'll be publishing to Vimeo and to my Posterous Page. The video posts will be tagged #vlomo12 and the audio posts will be tagged #audiomo12.

You wanna give it a shot?

When it's done it's SO great!

In my next post I'll share the tools that I use to get this done efficiently with no friction, so you can relax and enjoy the process.

Let me know if you join!

You've got 4 more days to prepare. 

Below are the Day 1's for the past 4 years :) Enjoy!

VloMo Day 1 2008

VloMo Day 1 2009

VloMo Day 1 2010

VloMo Day 1 2011



A Week of Podcast Promotion, Analysis, and Production

It seems like I dropped out of this thing, but alas, if you recall in my first post participating in Blog Boost for July, I mentioned that I also write in other places.

I felt a bit weird simply coming to this blog to paste ONE link to go somewhere else to read my work daily, so I waited till I'd compiled more links so you could pick and choose the stuff that interests you most!

Catching up with podcasting this week

The majority of my writing was done over at the libsyn blog, where my focus is very much about promoting podcasts, insight into podcasting and sharing the newest features the libsyn platform has to offer. This is what I did over there!

  • Rockin New libsyn Podcast: Weird Medicine- This is the first and only uncensored medical show in the history of radio, according to Dr. Steve. This is pretty darn cool! Here's a bit more:

    Because we're on an "extreme language" channel, we realized we could allow the listeners to speak freely about questions they might be embarrassed to take to their regular medical providers. It soon became a show for people who would NEVER listen to a medical show on the more about this cool podcast

  • Simple Tips To Find Out Where Your Audience Is So You Stop Wasting Your Time-Working in podcasting and with podcasters for 6 years I consistently see desire of many podcasters to be seen, to be heard, to get discovered.

Notice the passive qualitiy to that statement.

We as media producers need to take action so that we are heard, seen and discovered. It's not up to any specific network, any kind of specific distribution or even any kind of feature to do this for us.

We need to create the opportunities so that we place ourselves in the best possible position.

No one is going to do that for us.

That's why I wrote the article above. It's a part of a series to offer podcasters better tools and insight to promote and market themselves so that we could take over the world. ;) Go ahead and check it out

  • Podcasters At Comic Con!- Yep, more main stream type of gigs and a ton more exposure for podcasters as well as the medium. So exciting! You can see a list of what went down at Comic Con here.

Who doesn't need some yoga to finish the week strong?

My other passion: yoga.

I got an opportunity to video tape a yoga class, record the audio and publish it as the latest episode of my long running yoga podcast.

My podcast is 95% audio. This is the first video episode that I've published, and I've been doing it for 6 years!

So if you're ready to get your yoga on, come on by for a 30 minute yoga class to rejuvenate yourself!

Of course, you can always subscribe in iTunes. :)

How about that for an eclectic mix of content!

Hope to continue with more good stuff to offer in the upcoming week!

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Make Commenting Crazy Efficient On Your iPhone! [Video]

Did you know you could do this with your iPhone? When I found out about this it rocked my world.

I use this sort of thing on my iMac and Macbook via the awesome App TextExpander. Although I also have TextExpander Touch for iOS I don't use it as much as I would like because its not supported in the apps that I use the most.

This functionality is baked into iOS 5, so it can be used everywhere :)

Just LOVE it. 

It will make your life so much easier when quickly dealing with text on your iOS device. 

Check out the video to see how easy it is to input information to comment on people’s blogs with these handy little shortcuts.

Killer Tip For Easy Blog Commenting Via Your iPhone With Shortcuts from Elsie Escobar on Vimeo.

What do you think? Do it up and let me know in the comments how you are using it! I'm always looking for new ways to use this functionality :)

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